Payment Policy

Payment Policy
We have tried our hardest to include a wide range of payment options, including multiple payment plans, to allow all of our customers to get the supplies they need. We accept most forms of debit and credits cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Our website also allows you to sign in using your digital wallet, allowing you to use Paypal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Facebook Pay for quick and easy check outs.
We proudly offer multiple payment options, so you can get the supplies you need to get creating. These third party companies generally allow you to split your purchases easily into 4 interest free payments every two weeks. The best part is that your order will ship after your very first payment, so there's no wait. Get the supplies you need, get creating, and small payments every 2 weeks. We accept Shop Pay, Sezzle, and Paypal for payment plan options.
Private Listings
If you are a member of our Facebook group, you are able to claim unique items not available on the website, participate in auctions, Deal or No Deal, clearance sales, and other exclusive events. When you claim items in the group, I will then make a custom listing for you here on the website. All private listings are due to be paid within 48 hours of receiving your custom link, unless otherwise agreed upon. If payment is not received within these 48 hours, we may reach out to you and remind you of your order. We have a right to offer these items up for resale to other interested parties. Frequent non-payers are subject to removal from our group and may be blocked from purchasing from the website. We have the right to refuse sales to non-payers, scammers, or anyone in violation of our posted rules.
Abandoned Cart
When you sign up for an account through our website, you are easily able to see your previous orders, save your address for easy check-out, view recommendations, and keep a shareable favorites list, which can also be used for project boards. But the website is also able to keep track of items you placed in your cart, but did not purchase. When this happens, you may receive a reminder email after 24 hours. We won't spam you with reminders, we will not send any further reminders after the 24 hour notice.